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    New cat website launched which shames naughty cats

    NewsGeneral Cat NewsThursday 25 April 2013

    A website has launched where cat owners can publically shame their troublesome felines. A user would upload a picture of their cat, sometimes near the crime scene, with a piece of paper writing what crime they had committed. A similar website was setup for dogs last year.

    If you have ever been annoyed at your cat doing something naughty like going tio the toielet in the wrong place, hiding things or just generally being a pain. You can now get your own back in a way that is harmless to your cat.
    Head over to which is a site where people showcase badly behaved cats with all the naughty things they have done wrong. Your photo could be seen by thousands of other cat fans and shared virally.
    The website which is growing with new visitors’ everyday has hundreds of pictures of naughty cats from across the world all having done naughty things. Users can submit their own photos for them to be viewed by thousands of cat fans. Once accepted, the pictures will be broadcasted to thousands of cat fans around the world.
    Example shaming of cats are those have been hiding their owner’s socks in littler trays. There was another cat who got trapped in a paper bag then start running around the house like crazy trying to get it off. My favourite however has to be the cat that says “I like to rip up important tax documents and then sleep on them”. That must be one very annoyed owner right there. On top of these images there are also other funny cat photos and short movies you can watch.
    Has your cat done anything bad and you want to get your own back? Maybe it is worth checking this site out then.
    Please remember to check out our article on why you should never punish a cat. The reason for bad behaviour is most likely to be because they are not settled in their environment rather than a cat wanting to purposely annoy you. Cat shaming is a lot more fun instead.
    Source: Mail Online
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