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    New Cat Cafe set to open in London

    NewsUK Cat NewsMonday 11 March 2013
    A new cafe is set to open up in London where you can buy a coffee (as you would normally do) however also stroke and play with one of dozens of cats and kittens that are going to be residents there.
    The idea first started in Tawain and took off as a craze in Japan. The owner Lauren Pears hopes the same will happen in London. 
    London and Tokyo of course share many similarities. They are both cities where people are often busy, roads are highly congested, and landlords do not often take kindly to keeping pets. It could be why a cat cafe is the perfect opportunity to sit back and relax during a lunch hour.
    The cats themselves will come from rescue centres from around London to most likely lives of luxory inside the cafes. The cat cafe is planned to be opened in May and will most likely be in the East of London around the Old Street / Shoreditch areas. 
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