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    New app that lets you play with your cat while you are away

    NewsAll Cat NewsThursday 25 July 2013
    A new app has been developed by a Ukrainian man that lets you play with your cat while you are away from your home via your phone no matter where in the world you are as long as you have an Internet connection.
    Here is how it works; the app is connected to a device called the Petcube and you leave the Petcube in your home. The Petcube is then controlled via the app or the official website which means that you can play with your cat wherever you are.
    The device was created by a Ukrainian national called Alex Neskin after he had a dilemma with his dog. He moved into an apartment with his dog named Rocky and a lot of neighbours complained about the amount of noise his dog made when Alex left the house to go to work. He therefore left a webcam out to monitor what his dog was doing.
    Alex says 'What I saw wasn't so pleasant,' 'Then I understood that I needed some kind of interaction with Rocky,'
    'The solution came out of Rocky's favourite toy - laser stick [laser pointer].'
    Alex then attached a lazer to the webcam and every time he moved the webcam the lazar moved too and the dog was instantly taken with it and would chase the lazer. The idea for the Petcube was born.
    Alex has been working with a team to develop the app with the aim of creating something really sleak made of glass and aluminium.
    'Our goal is to develop a really nice looking robot that can fit any interior,' he says.
    The Petcubes will be ready to ship by this autumn and owners can also share their cubes with other people and also members of the public to play with their pets if they choose too.
    It works with both cats and dogs.
    Below we have found a short video explaining how it works and features Alex himself.

    Source: DailyMail
    Photo: Wikimedia
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