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    New app lets cats take photos of themselves

    NewsUK Cat NewsWednesday 17 July 2013
    You have apps that find you places, apps that help you manage your life and apps where you can play games. Just what else can one do? Well I bet you did not see this coming… A new app has been developed where cats can take photos of themselves.
    A “selfie” is where someone takes a picture of themselves with a camera or smart phone. They have become increasingly popular with the boom of the smartphone market. What is incredibly difficult for a lot of owners is to take a picture of their pets with them looking at the camera. Often they will stare for just a few seconds before being distracted by something else. It would then have to be left to a professional pet photographer.
    A new app called Snapcat hopes to make it easier for owners to get pictures of their cats. The app works in the following way; you start running the app then you place the phone on the floor. From here it will start showing lasers and moving dots on the screen in order to gain the cats attention and engage with it. The moment the cat touches the screen, this triggers the camera to take a picture of the cat. If it works well then you have the cat looking straight at the camera!
    There are two main apps. Snapcat for android devices and Cat Selfie for iPhone users. The software was developed during the EyeEm Photo Hack Day in Berlin in June. 

    Once the pictures have been taken and stored users can then add a variety of filters and also share their photos on their social networks like Facebook and Twitter.
    Cat Seflie is available for download on the app store for just 69p.
    Photo: Average Jane
    Source: Daily Mail
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