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    MPs Will Debate Antifreeze Cat Poisoning Deaths

    NewsTuesday 02 December 2014



    Following the suspected poisoning of 22 cats in one village MPs will debate the control of antifreeze products in Westminster Hall.



    Nick Lawlor, who lives in Calerton, Nottinghamshire had to watch in horror as his son's beloved cat - called Piper - fitted and eventually died as a result of anti-freeze poisoning. Although accidental cases do happen, the amount of cats involved and the concentrated area of occurring poisonings suggests malicious intent. 

    "They've got to pay for what they've done. You can't kill kids' pets," Mr Lawlor said, "Her eyes were rolling around her head, she was fitting. She passed away within a couple of hours. Personally I'm not a cat person. I've got a Staffie [but] what I saw the cat go through hurt."

    Ethylene gloycol is the component of antifreeze that can prove fatal to cats - as it forms crystal inside felines that damages kidney tissues and results in kidney failure. Lethargy, vomitting, grogginess and fitting are all symptoms of antifreeze consumption. Additionally, the sweet scent and taste of antifreeze is very appealling to cats - which is why poisonings, including accidental ones, are fairly common.

    On Saturday, Sherwood MP Mark Spencer - who has a cat called Parsnip  - called a public meeting about the poisoned cat deaths. Now he has taken the issue to Parliament, where there will be an adjourment debate in Westminster Hall today (Tuesday).

    "People are genuinely worried," said the concerned MP, "They don't want to let their cat out in case they don't see them again."

    The issue to be debated is the "control of antifreeze products and protection of animals".


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