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    Man pleads guilty to having 150 dead cats in his freezer

    NewsGeneral Cat NewsThursday 11 July 2013
    A man from Southern Ontario in Canada has pleaded guilty after over 150 dead cats were found in his freezer and fridge.
    In total authorities reported that there were over 155 dead felines and 49 living ones in the apartment all together. It was a one bedroom apartment in downtown Windsor. Authorities investigated after receiving reports about excessive cats.
    When they took a look around the apartment, they were totally mortified by what they found. There were piles of urine and feces everywhere and also evidence of the cats cannibalizing each other to stay alive. Jerry Miernecki, 61 has been handed one year of probation and can now only have one spayed or neutered cat for the rest of his life.
    Even though Melanie Coulter who is director of Windsor-Essex County Humane Society said that she is pleased about the ban on Miernecki owning more than one cat, she does not believe he had bad intentions for them.
    “He told our officers that he was keeping the cats in the freezer because he wanted to bury the family together when he had a house. It was not a case where he didn’t care about them,”
    She added “In mental health and hoarding cases, people don’t behave rationally.”
    Out of the 49 recovered cats, many have now found homes. Some had to be put down due to serious physical and mental issues and 2 are still searching for homes. 
    Photo: Osseus
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