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    Man jailed for shooting cat in head with catapult

    NewsMonday 05 August 2013
    A man has been jailed for eight weeks after he shot a cat in the eye with a catapult from point blank range. 
    The cat, 11-year-old Misty, was blinded in the incident, which was caught on CCTV. 
    The Daily Mirror branded Craig Nunn a ‘mindless thug’ and also reported that the 28-year-old had boasted to the police about being a “very good shot”.
    After the sentence of eight weeks had been handed out, Misty’s owner Terry Ruff, told the paper that he felt the sentence was “disgusting, just disgusting”.
    The father-of-three, 47, told the Mirror: “Some people might say it’s just a cat but we’ve had Misty since she was a kitten and we are all very distressed at what happened.
    “This yob will be out in four weeks – how is that justice?”
    Nunn was out lamping for rabbits when he saw Misty sat on a wall in Stourport-on-Severn, at around 4.50am on July 13th. 
    He then felt the need to fire a marble at the cat’s head. 
    When asked in court about his actions, Nunn said that he didn’t like cats, because he had a bad incident with one when he was younger. He claimed that Misty looked like the cat that had wronged him in the past, and therefore he shot it in the face. 
    Peter Love, the prosecutor, told Kidderminster magistrates court: “He admitted his actions were intentional and said he was a ‘very good shot’.
    Nunn will now face a £500 vet bill for the cat on top of his jail time. 
    “Misty suffered from paralysis on her face as well as the obvious loss of an eye,” continued Love.
    Nunn, who is unemployed, wore a vest, jeans and a gold chain in court and he admitted to causing unnecessary suffering to the animal. 
    Chief magistrate Trevor Burgess told him: “The offence is so severe that only a custodial sentence can be justified.”
    Charles Hobbs, Nunn’s lawyer, told the court that the defendant was “a dog person” and that he didn’t like cats. He mentioned that Nunn was scratched by a cat when he was young and hasn’t liked them since. 
    Hobbs said that the incident was “a moment of madness that he regrets”. 
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