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    Man attempts to hang neighbours’ cat - sentenced to prison

    NewsTuesday 12 November 2013
    A man in Hereford has been sentenced to 20 weeks in prison after he attempted to hang his neighbour’s cat. 
    Karl Dyke, 53, admitted the attack on the Siamese cat (not pictured) in July. 
    Hereford Magistrates' Court was told Michael and Tracey Lawrence, who live next door to Dyke, heard their cat in distress. 
    They then saw the defendant carrying the animal, called Coralie, away. 
    The Lawrences then intervened and the cat survived. 
    Speaking to the BBC, they have said that the attack had left their family “shocked and nervous”.
    Michael Lawrence told the BBC: "My wife came downstairs and said the neighbour had taken the cat from the fence.
    "I ran outside to the back of the garden, and I could hear our cat's bell ringing around its neck.
    "The sound was coming from the shed.
    "I opened the shed door and Mr Dyke was standing there smirking, with a rope in one hand and our cat dangling from the other.
    "I grabbed the cat and she ran off."
    The Lawrences took the cat to the vet the next day and it turned out she was suffering from a swollen neck. 
    Coralie has been resting at home and is now back to normal. 
    Tracey Lawrence said: "She's a bit more nervous now, and avoids groups of people. It is shocking to know that somebody could do that to an animal.
    "We also find ourselves checking that doors and windows are locked more often now, and we don't like to let her out of our sights.
    "A jail sentence is justice as far as we are concerned."
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