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    Maddie & Friends

    NewsCat RehomingWednesday 14 November 2012

    Maddie & Friends is an organistion founded by Robin Buoncuore; their aim is to give homeless cats a home. It started out with Robin and her husband using their own money and resources to re home the cats and kittens they have found. The first cat that the pair found, named Maddie, lead them to finding around 60 more in the same place. They take them in, spay and neuter the older cats, give medical attention to any cats that need it and give them vaccines against receive rabies and distemper shots by working with the Society to Protect Animals. They interact with their kittens and take care of them to prepare them for new homes that they hope to find. 


    Maddie & Friends consists of a small group of volunteers so their work is minimal. They hold an auction and fundraiser every year, this year it is held on 15th Nov. This money will go towards funding operations for spaying and neutering, any veterinary care and other supplies. 


    Source: nj Photo by flowbadger


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