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    Last year's most popular kitten names

    NewsCat Curiosities Monday 17 February 2014

    Whether you are considering adopting a shelter cat or going to a breeder, you obviously need to name your new friend.

    We can help you with that.

    The folks at have compiled a database of the most popular names in 2013.

    Here are the top 10 names for male & female cats but you can check the complete list by clicking on the link below:



    1. Bella

    2. Lucy

    3. Kitty

    4. Luna

    5. Chloe

    6. Molly

    7. Lily

    8. Sophie

    9. Nala

    10. Daisy



    1. Oliver

    2. Max

    3. Tiger

    4. Charlie

    5. Simba

    6. Milo

    7. Smokey

    8. Leo

    9. Jack

    10. Kitty



    Information extracted from


    Photo: Mikael Tigerström



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