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    Kittens thrown from car in Cornwall was an ‘accident’

    NewsUK Cat NewsTuesday 15 October 2013
    Recently there was news about two kittens which were allegedly thrown out of a car and hit by passing traffic however after investigating police say that the cats fell in a ‘tragic accident’.
    The incident happened at around 9:15AM on the 28th of August and an appeal was made by Police after a VW Golf was on the Penryn bypass heading towards Falmouth. Devon and Cornwall Police launched an investigation to try and find out what happened exactly.
    A police spokesperson said that "A female came forward stating that she drives a similar car and can be put in the area at the time,"
    "She lives on a farm which has several feral cats and having returned from her journey she could hear a cat calling from within her car.
    "A kitten was located in the engine compartment which was then reunited with its mother.
    "Inquiries would suggest that two other kittens fell from the engine compartment while the vehicle was in motion."
    The spokesperson added that it was a “great relief” that "this was a tragic and unforeseeable accident rather than the act of a callous owner".
    Source: BBC
    Photo: Tim Green
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