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    Kittens found tied up inside plastic bags

    NewsUK Cat NewsThursday 27 October 2011
    Scottish SPCA investigating the case

    Two kittens have been found tied up inside plastic bags in separate incidents in the same area of North Lanarkshire. The Scottish SPCA is investigating the case.

    Dora and Diego were found in the same kind of bags in the same area within five days of each other. Dora, a three-week-old black and white female, was found on Tuesday 18 October. She had been tied up inside a blue plastic bag which had been placed inside an Aldi carrier bag and dumped near a footpath on Clydesdale Road. It is thought one of the kittens had been inside the bag for at least eight hours. According to the SPCA officers the feline must have scratched some holes in the bag, otherwise it would have suffocated to death in that time. Diego, a six-week-old male, was found on Sunday, again inside an Aldi carrier bag, at McCourt Gardens.

    Meanwhile the kittens are waiting to be rehomed, the Scottish SPCA is investigating whether the two cases are connected. Anyone with information relating to the kittens or anyone interested in rehoming them should contact the Scottish SPCA.

    Read more news here.

    Text and image source: BBC News


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