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    Kittens dumpers sought

    NewsAnimal CrueltyFriday 26 August 2011

    The York County SPCA (USA) has applied for help and information about the person responsible of dumping 19 kittens last week. 

    19 kittens were stuffed into a burlap sack and 4 for of them died before being found by a member of public according to Two other kittens had to be put down and other 13 were moved to Heavenly Paws in Seven Valleys. All the kittens have been tested and have given negative for leukemia and AIDS. Unfortunately, some kittens had to have one of their eyes removed due to infection. According to the report, the kittens might have been so scared that they started to scratch each other trying to get out of the bag. The kittens are now in pet foster homes in Wrightsville and Harrisburg and are waiting to be adopted. 

    Anyone with information about the culprit is asked to call Animal Humane Officer Nicole Boyer at 764-6109, ext. 127. To adopt any of the remaining 13 kittens, call Ann Behrendt of Heavenly Paws at 495-1727.

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