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    Kittens brutally kicked, one dies

    NewsAnimal CrueltyTuesday 18 October 2011

    Two 28-week-old kittens, Narla and Missy, went missing last week ago. They were found in a terrible state and one of them died.

    The kittens owner was shocked when they returned home after being missing for few days. The kittens were in a terrible state and had multiple injuries, ruptured stomachs and had damage to their pelvis. The woman took the kittens immediately to the vet where it turned out that they had been attacked, most likely a forceful blow or kick. Due to the injuries of one of the kittens, it had to be put to sleep.


    The attack has been reported to the RSPCA that is investigating the case.

    Read more news here.

    Text and image source: Dewsbury Reporter

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