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    Kitten travels from Ireland to England in a dumpster

    NewsUK Cat NewsFriday 14 October 2011

    A 2-week-old kitten survived a journey from Ireland to England trapped in a dumpster. The trip took five days and the kitten spent all the time, 166 miles from Ireland to northern England stuck in a dumpster full of cardboard.

    The tiny tabby tomcat was found among 200 tons of old cardboard at a recycling firm in Reddish, Manchester, after being buried in a 40-foot sealed container that was shipped across the Irish Sea from Dublin. The kitten was discovered by a recycling worker who called it Finley due to its Irish connections. 

    Finley is being treated now by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

    Read more news here.

    Text source: Fox News; image source:

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