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    Kitten stranded in Travis Park tree

    NewsGeneral Cat NewsFriday 04 May 2012
    Travis Park visitors mount unsuccessful rescue attempts

     A little kitten has been attracting a lot of attention in Travis Park over the past month. After it's mother gave birth to a litter in the downtown tree, the kitten appears to be stranded there.  "I've been feeding her pretty much since she started coming out of the tree," said Nazrein Hassan a frequent park visitor. "Three of the kittens died from falling. Two were picked up and taken by somebody and she's the only one left right now."  Hassan works downtown near the park and sees the marooned kitten nearly every day. She's grown so attached she's named it Isis.

    "I tried different names and that's the name she answered to so that's the name I've been sticking with," Hassan said.

    Like many others who've seen the stranded kitty perched up in the tree, Hassan has tried to use food and milk to coax the frightened feline out of the tree.

    "I got it out of the tree one time, about two weeks ago, and I turned my back for a second and she ended up right back up the tree again," Hassan said.

    A spokeswoman for Animal Care Services said they aren't equipped to rescue cats from trees so they won't get involved.

    "I have tried to climb this tree twice and both times it has injured me," said would-be rescuer Edward Jordan who refuses to give up. "I am a huge animal lover. I don't like seeing animals helpless."

    While no one has been successful in saving the kitten yet, local animal rescue group San Antonio Pets Alive said they will provide care for the kitten and help find it a new home if anyone can get it out of the tree.

    "She might come down on her own but I'd really rather someone get her out of that tree and give her to a safe home," Hassan said. "I think its a matter of time. If people back off and move to where they can't see her she'll come out but as long as she sees everyone standing around she's not budging from that tree."


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