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    Kitten recovering after being thrown from car in Ruthin

    NewsUK Cat NewsTuesday 19 July 2011

    A tiny kitten that had been thrown from a car window and left to die is recovering in Capricorn Animal Rescue.

    The 9-week-old tabby and white kitten was found by a group of workmen that were trimming grass verges at the side of a road in Ruthin that took the cat to the Capricorn Animal Rescue. Bluebell that was named by the employees of the organization was immediately taken to the vet by the volunteers.

    The cat was dehydrated and had to be put on a drip and left at the surgery although the kitten was not given chances to survive the next day. However, the cat managed to survive the night.

    Now the kitten is at the Padeswood-based rescue, where volunteers at Capricorn Animal Rescue are helping the cat to recover. In three weeks the kitten should be ready for adoption. If anyone is interested, please contact Sheila on 01244 547938.

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