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    Kitten from Southall needs new home

    NewsUK Cat NewsMonday 19 September 2011

    Trixie, a 1-year-old kitten is searching for a new home after being cared for by RSPCA staff at their centre in Southall.

    Trixie has been quite unlucky, after being run over twice and bitten by a fox, has been recently diagnosed with a serious heart illness. The kitten has been in the RSPCA centre in Southall since July and the managers of the shelter are desperate to find the cat a new loving home. The staff has even offered to help to pay for the cat's veterinary treatment in the future. The vets admit that they cannot guarantee how long the kitten is going to live as it has already survived the general anaesthetic required for an operation and it is possible she could live a long and normal life.They recommend the kitten should find a new home as soon as possible as staying in a cattery might result very stressful for young kitten and in its heart conditions, any strain on the organ should be minimised.


    For more information on how to adopt Trixie, please contact Southall Cattery on 0300 123 0746.

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    Text and image source: Enfield Independent

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