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    Kitten chased by children killed

    NewsUK Cat NewsMonday 29 August 2011

    A family from Sheffield was shocked to see their kitten being chased by a group of children, aged 5 or 6, onto a busy road nearby when the cat was run over by a car. The kitten unfortunately died.

    The group of children was playing without any supervision when they started taunting the scared kitten. The cat’s owner noticed that it was missing and started to search for it in the neighbourhood. They distributed leaflets, posters etc. Few days later, one of the local vets informed the cat’s owner that the kitten had been brought to his surgery where due to the injuries died.

    A South Yorkshire Police spokeswoman said officers were aware of the incident. Anyone who saw youngsters playing on Woodseats Road on Thursday August 18, at 5.45pm, should call police on 0114 220 2020.

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    Text source: The Star; Image source:

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