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    Kitten Cam: Live Kitten Stream

    NewsKitten CamsWednesday 02 April 2014

    The Kitten Cam 1 live kitten stream is taken from a pet adoption center in California called Petopia and are supported 100% by donations offering a positive no-kill solution unlike some pet stores. The cats on the stream are rescued from breeders and often arrive hurt, sick and scared due to the abuse from previous owners

    More information on Petopia can be found here

    Kitten Cam 1


    Kitten Cam 2 is a live stream taken from Caroline's Kids Pet Rescue based in Ohio, USA. They are a non-profit charity organisation ran by volunteers who are dedicated to the care and treatment of aged, chronically ill and abused cats and kittens. The cat sanctuary provides an alternative to euthanasia for cats in the US that have either been abandoned, require special needs, old or are ill.

    More information on Caroline's Kids Pet Rescue can be found here

    Kitten Cam 2


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