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    Killing a kitten and going to prison...

    NewsAnimal CrueltyThursday 25 October 2012

    Darren Fisher, aged 41, has a prison sentence of 3 months after killing a a cat with his bare hands. After an arguement occured between Fisher and his neighbor, he killed the cat earlier on this year in january after consuming 2 bottles of wine. The charges included animal cruelty, threats, assault, driving offences and multiple counts of family violence orders.

    ""If you don't pay me the money, watch this," he said.

    He then picked up the kitten and twisted its head off before throwing it across the road and dumping its body on the ground.

    "Tell your son to come and jump on my car again and I'll rip his head off like the f------ cat," he told Ms Burns." -



    Source: Herald Sun

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