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    Hundreds of cats saved by activists in China

    NewsAnimal CrueltyWednesday 20 March 2013
    Hundreds of cats have been saved from Chinese restaurants after the truck they were carrying in crashed which allowed activists time to protect, save and care for them. It was a fortunate turn of events or these cats would have surely ended up on the menu.
    The cats were destined for the province of Guangdong however an accident near the city of Changsha blocked off the journey. Pet lovers and animal rights activists caught sight of the truck and news soon spread of the problem. Soon after people began to arrive and help the cats. They did this by providing food, water and medical supplies. In the end the cats were transported to Changsha Small Animal Protection Association to be given professional assistance.
    The cats being transported were kept in horrendous conditions. This included being cramped into cages too small for them and were given no water or food for the long and treacherous journey.
    Unfortunately in China this is an all too familiar story with animal welfare being an easy overlooked topic. Cats are often bread in large numbers in the countryside as an easy way for villagers to make fast money. Eating kittens is considered unlucky so they are kept in poor conditions until they are old enough to be sold. Once they are paid for they are then transported. It has been reported that up to 25 cats are kept in the same cramped cage and the journey can last up to two months at a time. Unfortunately some of them don't make it that far and die in the journey. The ones that do are delivered directly to the restaurant who further keep them in poor conditions and then let the patrons choose which cats they want to eat and kill them there and then.
    Eating cat in China is a controversial subject. In the north it is considered unacceptable however in the south it is considered to be a delicacy and with the growing economy more and more people are eating them after it becoming more popular on restaurants menus. An estimated 4 million cats each year are slaughtered in this trade. In 2010 China drew it's first up it's first proposal to outlaw this. 
    Source: Daily Mail


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