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    Furry Friends Network to gather donations at Kitten Shower

    NewsCat Rescue NewsThursday 03 May 2012
    Kittens & cats

    You can hear the little “meows” as soon as you head down the stairs to the basement.
    They are the sounds of the foster kittens and cats that Lisa Brousse of Carlisle is currently caring for in her home. Some of the younger ones are in large enclosures, while other larger cats dart around the room.

    “We quarantine everybody for 14 days after we get them to make sure they don’t have any illnesses to spread to any of the rest of them, and then they’re loose,” Brousse said.
    And she would know. Brousse has been fostering kittens for years for the Furry Friends Network, a non-profit organization that rescues and fosters dogs and cats before putting them into new permanent homes.

    “I started out helping at PetSmart because we have some cats out there, and they just asked me if I would take a litter of kittens,” Brousse said.
    “The first litter I ever took were bottle-fed too and I have a bottle-fed litter right now because they’re so little. And I just kept taking them,” she said.

    Many times, when the kittens reach a certain age, they are adopted out of Brousse’s foster home into a new home with a loving family.

    “They can’t get adopted until they’re about 12 to 13 weeks because we keep them until they’re spayed, neutered, microchipped (and) have all their shots,” she said.

    But with the large number of homeless animals out there, not everyone is able to find a home right away.
    “I have four left from last year still that haven’t been adopted but for the most part they go pretty quickly,” Brousse said.

    Brousse has her hands full now, bottle-feeding some very tiny kittens, as well as keeping track of several slightly larger ones, in addition to some adult cats. She also helps foster dogs, even though she has three dogs and a cat of her own. Brousse said she estimates she has fostered more than one hundred kittens over the years.

    And the Furry Friends Network, which is responsible for the fostering program, is a great thing to have in our community, Brousse said.

    “At least the vets in the area will say ‘we’re so glad when we get a Furry Friends pet in because we know exactly what care it has been given,’” Brousse said.

    The Furry Friends Network will be holding a “Kitten Shower” this weekend, from noon to 3 p.m. on Saturday, May 5 and Sunday, May 6 at the PetSmart located at 248 Westminster Drive in Carlisle.
    Spring, the network said, is the start of “kitten season” and many cats are born during this time. To help meet the needs of the Furry Friends Network and their foster parents, the public is encouraged to come out to the Kitten Shower and bring a donation. Donations can be monetary or include cat litter, food, milk replacer and other general kitten supplies.

    The Kitten Shower will serve as the kick-off for a pet adoption campaign that will run into June, which is “Adopt-a-Shelter-Cat” month.

    Several kittens looking for permanent homes, including some of Brousse’s foster kittens, will be available for adoption and to meet at the Carlisle PetSmart this weekend as well.

    Source: The Sentinel

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