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    FUNNY VIDEO: Cat reacts sheepishly after being caught stealing

    NewsTuesday 27 August 2013
    There are few things that are more frustrating and embarrassing than being caught red handed. 
    This cracking video of a cat’s sheepish reaction to being caught stealing from a drawer perfectly encompasses that feeling of being found out. 
    The short clip shows the kitty managing to open a drawer with relative ease without realising it is being filmed from behind. 
    It continues to rummage around in the drawer before grabbing something from within with its paws. 
    The cat then notices, in the corner of its eye, that it is being filmed and reacts in a very human manner. 
    It proceeds to stand still and slowly close the drawer whilst looking at the camera. 
    Anyway, that’s enough talking about it, here is the video...

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