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    Fundraising campaign for cat's leg amputation

    NewsUK Cat NewsTuesday 18 October 2011

    Logan, a 3-year-old cat from Norfolk, was shot in the leg and had to overgo the amputation. The fundraising efforts have been undertaken in order to help a resident help to raise money and defray costs of the operation.

    Logan was shot in a rear leg on Saturday, 8th October, in the northwest corner of Norfolk, near Franklin and Millis. After coming back home from work, his owner noticied that the cat was limping and its back was bloody. The cat was falling down each time it was trying to walk. The feline was immediately taken to the vet where it turned out that the cat had been shot and had to have it sleg amputated.

    An operation to remove the leg is estimated to cost $1,500 to $2,000. An operation to try to save the leg was projected at $10,000, but the owner was told that operation might not be successful. Donations to help pay for the operation and post-operative needs can be sent to Middlesex Savings Bank, 36A Milliston Road, Millis, MA 02054 for the "Logan's Care Fund," with checks made out to Judith Agopovich.

    The reward is set at $300 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons involved. Contact the police department at 508-528-3206.

    Read more news here.

    Text source: The Sun Chronicle; Image source:

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