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    Flat-faced dogs and cats banned from travelling by plane?

    NewsCat Curiosities Tuesday 26 July 2011

    Flat-faced pet’s owners should double-check the airlines travelling conditions for their pets as many breeds of dogs and cats are being banned from air travel by an increasing number of airlines.

    According to The Inquisitr, flat-faced cats and dogs face partial bans on American, Continental, Delta and United Airlines due to breathing problems and overheating the animals have often experienced onboard. The next airline to ban the flat-faced cats and dogs is Hong Kong carrier Cathay Pacific. Animal Charities are warning that in some cases air travelling cannot be avoided (for example, when owners need to emigrate) and that if pet owners cannot travel with their cats or dogs, they will have to abandon them or put them to sleep.

    To read about travelling with your cat by plane click here.

    Text source: The Inquisitr, image source:

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