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    Feline Film Festival Sees Thousands Line Up To Meet Their Favourite Celeb-Kitties!

    NewsMonday 22 September 2014


    The Feline Film Festival in LA has attracted around 10,000 cat fanatics, with some queuing hours to meet their favourite internet star.


    The festival was originally the idea of the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, whilst eco-friendly cat product manufacturers Organikat did the bulk of the organisation. A vast amount of cat enthusiasts were given the chance to see cat videos, watch cat costume contests and meet their cat-idols.

    Stars at the festival included Lil Bub, famous for her permanent kitten-like appearence and stuck out toungue, which is caused by polydactylism, dwarfism and toothlessness. She was born the runt of the litter from a feral mother and had great difficulty being adopted as a result. She eventually won the heart of her owner Mike Bridavsky, who donates a large percentage of the money made as a result of Lil Bub’s fame to animal rescue groups.

    Other feline stars also appeared at the festival such as Tara the Hero Cat and Dusty the Klepto Cat, who, like Lil Bub, have everything from clothing lines to book deals. Human celebrities made an appearance at the cat-fest too - including actress Courtney Stodden, who posed with Fievel the cat for pictures. Many fans turned up to the festival in cat-inspired costumes, cat t-shirts and whiskers.

    Other cat themed attractions such as live music, beer tents and food trucks were in plentiful supply. Many producers of cat accessories were also present, the most niche being a vendor who supplied yoga mats for cats.


    Erik DeLeo, the director of the festival, said: ‘Cats are experiencing a second renaissance. Not since the ancient Egyptians in recorded history have cats been worshipped like they are today.’


    If you would like a celeb-kitty of your own - take a look at our cats and kittens. Shelter cats like Lil Bub make wonderful and loving companions, so why not head down to your local rescue and find your future feline family member?





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