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    ESSEX CATS: Rehoming plea

    NewsCat RehomingThursday 29 March 2012
    It's not cool for hundreds of cats in Essex - 500 need a new home says RSPCA

    Cats abandoned and mistreated and even cats previously owned by criminals are some of the hundreds of felines in need of new responsible owners in Essex, says the RSPCA.

    The leading animal welfare charity is facing an epidemic of unwanted cats - 500 in Essex alone need new owners ... including unplanned for cats, maltreated cats and even a few whose owners have ended up in the clink...

    The RSPCA says the current feline rehoming situation in Essex is near breaking point with the cat problem largely due to a lack of neutering and too much breeding going on.

    The charity's rehoming centres are at full capacity...

    The case points to a spiralling problem of neglect for pets across the UK with cats the latest animal in the spotlight.

    The charity RSPCA is highlighting Essex which has seen high profile cruelty cases of late including a worrying trend where people's cats have been shot and injured with air rifles...

    The RSPCA has launched a campaign fronted by Essex comedian Russell Kane to remind people the rising cruelty and abandonment cases are definitely no laughing matter.

    The campaign is because the charity is finding it has more cats than ever before, with the problem particular acute in Essex at the moment...

    The comedian/cat fan Kane says the charity hopes awareness will lead to a large number of the felines receiving new owners in the forthcoming weeks.

    The RSPCA wants to see more prospective cat lovers to consider the option of taking in an unwanted cat from its centres, rather than buying a cat from a dealer which fuels the breeding for profit motive which is part of the problem in the first place...

    A rescue cat can be a sound family pet and provides the satisfaction of helping a cat have a second chance, after its difficult start in life.

    RSPCA cats currently up for adoption in Essex include a couple of cats from an owner that was not feeding them properly - the black female cats Fern and Bracken were in a fragile state when taken in by the RSPCA but are now coming on in leaps and bounds.

    As mentioned earlier, the charity also has a number of felines who have grown up in a Fagan like atmosphere, previously owned by criminals...

    The charity says it is a little known consequence of crime that pets are often abandoned when their owners are doing time.

    Cats looking for law-abiding owners to give them a fresh start in life include tabby and white cats Petal and Ash...

    Other cats up for new owners in Essex include a horde of kittens that were produced when previous owners allowed two un-neutered cats to breed unhindered and within weeks the pair multiplied to thirteen...

    The RSPCA says all its adopted cats - no matter what their background or what part of the country they are from - are vaccinated, micro-chipped, neutered and flea-free.

    The charity also throws in an initial pet insurance in its adoption fee.

    Of course the problem is a much wider one and extends beyond the South East...

    There are a large number of cat rehoming charities across the UK including national charities like Cat Protection, the Blue Cross, the PDSA, the Celia Hammond Animal Trust ... as well as of course many local centres including the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home in London...


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