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    Dumped kittens saved by curious Chihuahua

    NewsAnimal CrueltyWednesday 17 July 2013
    A trio of kittens nicknamed Sunny, Summer and Sunshine were found tied-up in a bin bag near the coast in Pothcawl, Bridgend over the weekend. They were found when a owner’s Chihuahua became curious and was sniffing at the bag.
    The kittens were just 7 weeks old and saving from heat exhaustion after being dumped in the blazing summer sun.
    Rescuers commented on the nasty incident and called it “particular appalling”.
    The cats are now in the hands of the Cats Protection Bridgend Adoption Centre and they are being cared for by deputy manager Molly Hughes. She said that
    "We believe these kittens were found soon after being abandoned and thankfully don't seem to have suffered any long-term effects from their ordeal,"
    "Unfortunately, we are seeing more and more cats and kittens being cruelly abandoned."
    The centre has to deal with over 1,000 unwanted cats and kittens a year and the advice they give is to get their cats neutered so they do not help with the spread of unwanted cats and strays.
    The centre Manager Sue Dobbs stated that "One unneutered female cat can produce up to 18 kittens a year so neutering really will help to reduce the number of kittens that are brought to the charity or dumped,"
    Molly Jane from Cats Protection said that "Unfortunately, we are seeing more and more cats and kittens being cruelly abandoned”.
    Source: BBC
    Photo: Wikimedia
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