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    Drunk man steals cat and advertises it online

    NewsCat Curiosities Thursday 12 September 2013
    A drunk man who stole a cat, which he thought to be a stray, has advertised it on Craigs List in an attempted to find its owner.
    The man who was ‘accidentally stealing it while extremely intoxicated’. Made the post on the popular classifieds site Craigs List with the title  ‘Possibly stole someone’s cat when I was drunk last night (Chico)’. He also posted a picture of it and gave a full description of the cat as  ‘a very frisky black cat [with] very sleepy eyes’.
    It happened in the US state of California after the drunk man was walking home after a night out drinking. He walked passed the animal, thinking it was a stray and took it up. It was only as he woke up in the morning to get a glass of water to cure the hangover that he discovered that the cat he took actually had a collar.
    The post reads ‘If anyone is missing a cat name Django (pronounced Jango the D is silent) I stole him last night. Not on purpose, I was extremely intoxicated and thought he was just some random stray I was rescuing,
    ‘It was not until this morning when I was haphazardly going for a glass of water that I remembered I took the cat and noticed that he a collar.’
     ‘If Django belongs to you I would like to give him back… And sorry for stealing him.’
    Luckilty for the cat, it is on a diet of cheese.
    You can see the full listing here.
    Photo: Wikimedia
    Source: Metro
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