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    Drunk Man Jailed After Killing A Cat

    NewsAnimal CrueltyTuesday 31 May 2011

    A nine-year-old girl was a witness of horrific action of the man who killed a cat by smashing it against a brick wall. The man has been jailed for 46 weeks.


    The man, aged 29 from Kenilworth Drive, Earby, is an alcoholic who was in a rehabilitation unit and came out for the weekend. On 28th September police were called to a disturbance to the place were defendant lived because he was drunk and was supposed to had killed a cat. A man grabbed a 14-year-old cat Bonnie by her back legs and swung her against the wall several times just because it was said to have rubbed against him.


    According to the vet report the cat had suffered fractures to its skull and died from cranial trauma.

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