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    Do the right thing and neuter

    NewsUK Cat NewsFriday 22 June 2012
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    This is the time of year when families are easily seduced by the sight of a wide-eyed, innocent cute kitten and decide to adopt one or even two.

    We all agree that kittens are delightful and the sight of two kittens playing happily without a care in the world is lovely to see.

    However, we urge people to check out the cost of cat ownership before they make the decision to take on a cat or kitten.

    Phone your vet and get the prices for vaccinations, neutering, micro chipping, and also consultation charges.

    You may be surprised at how it all mounts up.

    Not neutering your cat is a false economy and inconsiderate to your neighbours.

    An un-neutered male cat will roam the streets from about seven months of age in search of an un-neutered female.

    He may well go into other peoples houses through cat flaps, eat their cat's food which stresses out their cat and also spray round their house which stresses out the people, and rightly so.

    Un-neutered cat urine has a very strong, distinctive smell which is hard to eradicate.

    He is very likely to get into fights. Best case scenario is that he will end up with a bite which will most probably turn into an abscess needing veterinary attention to clear up.

    At worst he could contract one of the very serious diseases like Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV).

    If you haven't come across this check it out on the Internet or ask your vet for information.

    An un-neutered male will travel miles in search of a mate, putting him at risk of a road traffic accident and his owner at risk of expensive veterinary treatment to repair the damage.

    Un-neutered females are also at a high risk of contracting a serious disease as well as producing far more kittens than you can ever hope to re-home yourself.

    Every Animal Rescue Centre in the area ends the summer with unwanted kittens and a long waiting list of cats to come in.

    Not getting your cat vaccinated is also a false economy.

    Your cat is certain to come into contact with many cats during its daily activities and if it catches cat flu or a similar virus from one of these cats you will need to seek veterinary treatment.

    Just one course of treatment could cost you more than the vaccinations.

    Every responsible cat owner must consider that at some point they may need to put their pet in a cattery whether because of family holidays, change of circumstances, or one of the many emergencies that life can throw at us from time to time.

    No cattery will board a cat without seeing proof of vaccinations in the form of the up to date veterinary certificate

    Glastonbury and Wells Cats Protection can offer vouchers towards the cost of neutering to cat owners on benefit or low income, but we do not have the resources to help with bills for veterinary treatment whatever the owner's circumstances.

    So a responsible owner should explore the options of pet insurance.

    We urge cat owners to do the right thing by their pets.

    Owning a cat should be a happy experience, and not one fraught with worry about unpaid bills.

    Gill Canning

    Glastonbury and Wells Cats Protection.

    01749 850660     

    Lost: ginger/white male from Prestleigh, Shepton Mallet, grey male from Hill Road Farm, Green Ore, thin black and white cat from Christopher Way, Shepton Mallet.

    Seven-month-old silver tabby from Pilton (lost at the end of May)

    Found: Tabby with pink collar on Houseman Road, Street, ginger/black/white in Prestleigh, Shepton Mallet.

    Phone  01458 831419 regarding all lost/found cats.

    Source: This is Somerset

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