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    DIY Sunday - Pretty Hanging Cat Scratching Board

    NewsSunday 21 December 2014


    Every week we're running a feature on some of the niftiest cat-related DIY projects so you can give them a go. DIY means your cat can have something super special at a relatively inexpensive cost to you - so you'll be sure to be in your kitty's good books!



    Scratching posts are essential for keeping your feline friend entertained, particularly if you have an indoor cat, but can often be unsightly and imposing. Over on Design Sponge, Kate Pruitt has come up with a sleek, stylish DIY alternative that's sure to go down a treat with your kitty and keep your home decor looking tidy!



    For This Stylish Scratching Board, You Will Need:

    - Two 1 inch x 3 inch x 24 inch pieces of wood

    - Saw

    - Rope (the type found on cat stratching posts)

    - Hot Glue Gun

    - Leather Cord

    - Neon Pink String

    - Drill

    Hanging cat scratching board


    1. Measure the boards and make a mark at 22 inches. Cut the boards at a 30 degree angle at the bottom (see below) and sand all sides to remove any splinters.

    Hanging cat scratching board

    2.  Spread a some wood glue along the shorter edge lengthways of one of the boards. 

    3. Clamp the two pieces together with the edges flush. Use a damp cloth to clean off any excess glue straight away. Leave to dry for a while (go by the instructions on the wood glue).

    Hanging cat scratching board

    4. Measure a 12 inch straight line on the back of the wood to indicate where the rope will start and stop. 

    5. Run a thin line of glue along the drawn line and attach one end of the rope to the back of the board.

    6. Continue wrapping the rope tightly around the board, running a line of glue along each previous line of rope and pressing the rope into it to stick.

    7. Once the rope is wrapped entirely around the board and glued into place, tie a few strands of the neon pink string at different intervals around the board. The bright colour will look pretty and attract your cats attention.

    8. Drill two smalls holes near the top of the board and towards the corners (see below). 

    Hanging cat scratching board

    9. Cut a 10 inch strand (or longer, depending on where you wish to hang it from) of the leather cord and tie a knot at the end. Then thread to cord through the two holes you drilled to make a nifty handle.

    10. Hang the board up somewhere your cat frequently goes and watch as your cat (hopefully) enjoys their new scratching board!

    Hanging cat scratching board


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