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    DIY Sunday - Easy Outdoor Shelter

    NewsThursday 13 November 2014



    Every week we're running a feature on some of the niftiest cat-related DIY projects so you can give them a go. DIY means your cat can have something super special at a relatively inexpensive cost to you - so you'll be sure to be in your kitty's good books!



    Winter is coming and this week we're showing you an easy and inexpensive way to build an outdoor shelter! This can be used to accommodate both homeless and resident cats and will give them somewhere warm and safe to sleep! This is the very best Christmas present you can give to local cats - it can be a real life-saver, particuarly on colder nights or when it snows. And it couldn't be easier to make!


    For This Warm and Cosy Shelter You Will Need:


    - 1x recycling box or any large, plastic container with a lid (about 55 litre capacity, example here)

    - Hay or Straw

    - Stryofoam or polystyrene sheets (available from your local DIY shop)

    - Blanket (optional)


    You will also need a box cutter or Stanley knife and a felt tip pen to cut a hole in the box for cats to get in and out of! Always be careful when handling knives!



    1. With your felt tip pen, mark out a 6 x 6 inch doorway onto one of the long sides of the box. Make sure the opening is several inches above the ground to stop your shelter from flooding.

    2. Cut the doorway out using a stanley knife or box cutter. Be careful! 

    3. Line the floor and walls of the box with the Stryofoam or polystyrene sheets, leaving a three inch gap between the sheets and where the lid of the box will go.  

    4. Trace and cut a hole in the appropriate sheet to accomodate the doorway too.

    5. Stuff the bottom of the box with straw or hay so that the foam wall linings are held in place.

    6. Cut out a foam 'lid' to lay on top of the wall linings.     

    7. Cover box with plastic lid.


    OPTIONAL: For a touch of luxury, place small blanket inside the shelter too.


    Place the shelter in your garden, preferably in a corner somewhere. Be sure to weigh down the lid of the box with bricks or plant pots to make it extra secure. This is sure to make your a hit with your neighbourhood cats, or for feral or stray cats your shelter could be the difference between life and death. Give yourself a pat on the back!


    Could you provide a loving home for a rescue kitty? Have a look for shelters in your local area.








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