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    DIY Sunday - Create a Pretty Catnip Toy!

    NewsFriday 12 December 2014


    Every week we're running a feature on some of the niftiest cat-related DIY projects so you can give them a go. DIY means your cat can have something super special at a relatively inexpensive cost to you - so you'll be sure to be in your kitty's good books!



    Today we're showing you how to overcome the hinderence of ugly cat toys by making one of your own! This pretty catnip stick will help you keep your cat entertained for hours - and it couldn't be easier to make! This is particularly good for engaging the natural hunting instincts of indoor cats - who otherwsie wouldn't get the chance to indulge their inner predator!  

    The other good thing about this particular project is that you can make it your own - the materials and method below can be changed to suit what materials you have in your home, how big you want the toy to be, what colours you want and so on!


    For This Eye-Catching Cat Toy, You Will Need:

    - Felt

    - Embroidery thread

    - Cat nip

    - Batting (you can also use cotton wool, polyester or wool)

    - Dowel rod

    - Bit and bobs that your cat will to chase/kill/jump at


    1. Cut several diamonds out from the felt - you will need two diamonds for every toy you are making. Ensure that all the edges measure the same, as well as across the centre of the diamond.

    2. Pin two of the edges together as shown on the photo below.

    3. Starting at the point of one of the diamonds, stitch along the edge and continue around each side. You will see that as you do this the toy will take on a 3D shape.

    4. When you get to the final edge place catnip and batting/cotton inside the 3D triangle (about half and half).

    5. Stitch the final edge of the toy up, closing the triangle. Make sure to sew all the where around to where you started!

    6. Tie the remaining thread of the triangle to your dowel rod (so the toy will hang off the stick like on a fishing rod). The most secure way to do this would be to wrap the thread around the end of the dowel and glue a piece of felt around it.

    7. Tie your little bits and bobs for your cat to the string - as many or as few as you wish!

    8. For that luxurious touch, glue felt around the other end of the stick to make a colourful handle

    9. Enter your cat for hours with their new DIY toy!

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    Source and Images

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