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    DIY Sunday - Build a Cat Tipi!

    NewsSunday 28 December 2014

    Every week we're running a feature on some of the niftiest cat-related DIY projects so you can give them a go. DIY means your cat can have something super special at a relatively inexpensive cost to you - so you'll be sure to be in your kitty's good books!


    Today, we show you how to build a cozy and stylish hideaway for your kitty cat. This tipi is simple to make and provides a great 'den' for your cat to retreat to when they want some down-time. 


    For This Snug Tipi, You Will Need:

    - 92cm of fabric

    - 5 sticks, each measuring 2 and a half foot

    - 1 metre of leather cord

    - One safety pin

    - One cushion

    diy cat tipi


    The best thing about this week's DIY Sunday is that all the instructions are on a nice video for you! One tip though: before your cut the fabric ensure you measure between the ground and the leather cord of your tipi to determine what length you'll need!

    We hope you and your cat enjoy this week's DIY Sunday! Be sure to check back next week!

    diy cat tipi


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