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    DIY Day - Amazing Homemade Cat Tree!

    NewsFriday 21 November 2014

    Every week we're running a feature on some of the niftiest cat-related DIY projects so you can give them a go. DIY means your cat can have something super special at a relatively inexpensive cost to you - so you'll be sure to be in your kitty's good books!


    Today is more of an oppotunity to stand back and admire the DIY ambition of someone rather than an actual instructive. Check out this video below - this guy must adore his kitties (who can blame him, they are adorable!).

    Instead of settling for much smaller and less attractive cat trees available in pet shops, he instead takes the term 'cat tree' quite literally and brings some of the outdoors in for the special felines in his life, who are called Karl and Elmo.

    This idea would be great for people who have a bit of extra space in their flat but have no access to a garden - as you can see Karl and Elmo love the end result and the tree makes an interesting centerpiece for any room in the house!

    What do you think? Would you have a go at an ambitious project like this? Tell us over on our Facebook and Twitter pages!


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