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    Devastation over new tiger cub’s death

    NewsUK Cat NewsThursday 17 October 2013
    There is heartache in London after a newborn tiger at London zoo died. This happened to be the first tiger cub that was born at the zoo in over 17 years. The post morten confirmed that the three week old cub drowned in the enclosure’s pool.
    Even before being born he was a superstar. Hundreds of thousands of people watched him as he explored his new surroundings, visited his mother and got used to his new life in London via a live webcam. Tragically excitement turned to heart break as the three week old tiger cub was found by the edge of the pool in the zoo’s enclosure.
    The zoo keepers in London and especially those who were involved in the birth felt the heart ache and were devasted by the loss. All had covered the 105 day pregnany of the mother and were disappointed that motherhood had ended so quickly.
    Staff were optimistic for the mother, Melati, the father, Jae Jae and the baby would have enjoyed a new enclosure that was specially setup for the tigers in March and it was predicted that many people were travelling to London from far away to see the tiger cub as a special priority. 
    The alarm was first raised on Saturday morning after cameras could not find either mother or cub in the den. Even though the post mortem shows that the cub drowned, experts cannot be sure exactly just how it happened.
    Zoo director David Field said that ‘We all formed an amazing attachment to the cub and to mum, which is why everybody is just feeling so distraught. More than anything else, we all wish we could turn the clock back.’
    However in life there is always optimism and experts belive that Meltai could easily become pregnant very soon with a litter of two or even three cubs.
    Both mother and father are part of the Sumatran Tiger family and are the smallest of the surviving subspecies. There are thought to be only 300 tigers living in the world mainly based in Indonesia. The WWF classify the subspecies as ‘critically endangered’. They are protected in Indonesia by heavy prison sentences and big fines however there is a huge market in Asia for tiger parts and products which threatens their very existence.
    We have found an exclusive video of the baby tiger cub exploring its new surroundings in London zoo:
    Source: Daily Mail
    Photo: Wikipedia
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