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    Crisis across Manchester due to high number of abandoned cats

    NewsUK Cat NewsThursday 03 October 2013
    Animal charities across Greater Manchester say they are facing a huge crisis after a sudden surge in the number of abandoned cats.
    A record 150 cats and kittens have been re-homed by RSPCA Altrincham alone this year but dozens more still need good homes and they are waiting to be adopted.
    The RSPCA shelter in Rochdale has cared for 334 cats and kittens which is highly unusual at this time of the year. It is currently at full capacity and has 70 cats there with more in the waiting line for a place.
    Many owners go to charities because they cannot afford to keep a cat or unable to fulfil the conditions of looking after them. Others cats are not so fortunate, many have been left dumped and left next to wheelie bins to fend for themselves. Often at times they are new born kittens with no hopes of being able to survive on their own.
    Cats have been discovered next two wheelie bins, others in a taped-up cardboard box in woodland and one owner had given their cat to the RSPCA because before decorating the cat was scratching the walls and causing a problem.
    Brand manager of RSCPA Rochdale Julia Tucker said that “It has been particularly bad this year. It’s a mix of people not getting their cats neutered because they can’t afford it and not being able to afford to care for them. Cats do need to be neutered from an early age.
    “We don’t have a cattery so it’s all down to the volunteers who take them into their homes.”
    Shirley Mellor who works at the Rochdale Animal Centre said that “We’ve taken in lots of cats and kittens over the past few months – more than usual – and our supplies are running low.
    “We are struggling for tins and pouches of cat food.  Lots of people regularly donate food at the centre and our collection bins but we are running low so if anyone can spare a tin or two we’d be really grateful.”

    Source: Manchester Evening News


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