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    Coronation Street’s Deirdre adopts a cat but didn’t follow the vet’s orders.

    NewsUK Cat NewsThursday 16 May 2013
    Corrie star Anne Kirkbride, who plays Deidre in the ITV series Coronation Street, adopted a cat from the Society for Abandoned Animals but sadly the cat escaped and was found dead under a tree several days later.
    The coronation street star Anne Kirkbride had been offered the chance to adopt the cat Archie from the Society for Abandoned Animals due to her love of cats and celebrity status. Archie had a few problems though and had undertaken some serious surgery. There was one condition to this and that was that he be kept indoors for at least two months. Due to Kirkbride's love of cats, the application was fast tracked and a cat who would have not normally allowed to have been taken home was allowed.
    Sadly, Archie was able to escape within those two months and although Kirkbride spent days trying to find him, he was found dead under a tree.
    It is known that she loves cats and he approached the Society for Abandoned Animals after her cat died. There could have been a strong connection between the charity and Kirkbride due to the celebrity status she has. There were even plans to use her status to raise £80,000 to build a brand new cattery to home all the abandoned cats.
    Natasha Woest who works for the charity said that ‘Anne has always been an animal lover and we thought she would be a safe pair of hands,’ she said.
    ‘She is a big star in Manchester and people can relate to her. Archie was black and white, just like the cats in the Felix cat food adverts. Anne wanted a replacement for her old cat, who looked just the same and had passed away.

    ‘Archie had just had a serious operation on his testicles and had to have 15 stitches, so it was crucial that he was kept indoors. If he tried to go climbing and had a fall it could be fatal. Anne promised us that she would not let him outdoors and took him home.
    ‘But he soon escaped and went missing for several days.

    Then she found him dead underneath a tree. We don’t know how he died. He might have fallen out of the tree.
    ‘He should never have been allowed outside, it was a tragic accident. It was so

    It is not the first time the charity has had bad luck with a star from Coronation Street. In 2010 they approached Rachel Leskovac who played Natasha Blakeman and gave her a 12 week old kitten. Sadly after three weeks the kitten was returned because her 6 year old daughter was allergic to cats.
    Woestr commented that ‘I have had enough of Coronation Street stars now.
    ‘It feels like the show is cursed as far as we are concerned. I’m not going to approach any more of their actors.’

    Source: Daily Mail
    Photo: StormyDog
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