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    Cornwall Cat Blasted by Shotgun

    NewsWednesday 26 November 2014


    A six year old black tomcat has had a lucky escape, after being admitted to a veterinary surgery in Cornwall.


    Whoever said that black cats were unlucky obviously hasn't met this purr-carious puss, named Target by the staff at Hayle Veterinary Surgery.

    The sweet cat was brought into the surgery after being found injured and unable to walk. An x-ray revealed two fractured femurs and something even more shocking about the kitty's injuries - 40 shotgun pellets in his head, face and body.

    Practice partner Steve Wyatt said: "When he arrived, we could only see he had two broken back legs and what we thought were other superficial injuries under his fur. Further examination revealed the pellets."

    Unfortunately, it looked like the handsome cat had been through an awful ordeal. Mr Wyatt said Target must have been at the adge of the shotgun's effective range when he was shot, as the pellets didn't penetrate enough to damage vital organs. Injuries on both sides reveal that there were at least two shots fired at the unsuspecting moggy.

    The surgery were only able to remove eight or nine of the 44 pellets found.

    Mr Wyatt elaborates: "We did try our best to get them out, but getting them all surgically would be such a long task. But he's a happy cat now. He was the kind of cat you saw wanted to get better and he was a cat that needed be saved."

    Despite Target's horrific injuries the friendly feline was still purring and looking for a fuss from staff. 

    The practice could not trace an owner for Target and, although Mr Wyatt fostered him whilst he was recooperating, a loving family soon adopted the loving kitty permenantly.  

    Narrowly dodging death and now a loving forever home - who ever said black cats meant bad luck?


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