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    Clubbed to death instead of put to sleep

    NewsUK Cat NewsTuesday 06 September 2011

    New European Union regulations on the welfare of laboratory animals can lead to clubbing puppies and kittens to death instead of being put to sleep, according to the Daily Mail UK.

    Current regulations in the UK say that newborn puppies, kittens, ferrets and fox cubs that are no longer needed for laboratory research are put to sleep. However, this law is going to be changed by 2013. Under new law the animals might be killed by a 'percussive blow to the head'. According to the Daily Mail the animal welfare charities have described the technique as 'officially sanctioned cruelty'. 

    The new regulation is aimed to harmonise standards on labs around the EU, however, each country has an option to keep their own higher welfare standards. While universities and pharmaceutical companies will still have the option of putting the creatures to sleep, some may see clubbing as quicker and cheaper.

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    Text source: Daily Mail; image source:

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