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    Cats Escape From Cattery

    NewsCat Rescue NewsWednesday 13 July 2011

    Two cats escaped from a Silver Birch Cattery in Littleport while their owners went on holidays to Florida for two weeks.

    A couple is offering now £300 for the safe return of their two 4-year-old cats that escaped from the cattery on 22th June and have not come back till today. The owner of the cattery is also offering £200 reward for anyone who could help to find the kittens.

    Badgie and Bella, escaped from the cattery on 22th June. According to the cattery’s employees, the high winds in the end of June compromised the security of one of the cat pens allowing the cats to escape. Now additional security has been implemented at the cattery

    If you have any information about the cats’ whereabouts please call 07500773425 or 07786986050.

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