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    Cat was found in terrible condition

    NewsUK Cat NewsThursday 16 February 2012
    Vets were forced to put down a cat after she was neglected to the point part of her jaw rotted away.
    The black and white cat, named by local Cats Protection Officers as Alice, was found in a garden in West Park.
    Officers said she was clearly suffering from the "terrible condition" she was in.
    Vets at Woodlands Veterinary were forced to put the cat down after discovering a tumour had eaten away at her jaw bone.
    Tracy Hughes, who rescued Alice, said: "This in my mind is a very borderline neglect case. Without a doubt she was suffering, she was full of infection and where the infection had caused swelling it had pushed her eye forward.
    "There is no way somebody didn't know about this. She had a very, very aggressive tumour. It was so sad but this is what happens when someone doesn't take their animal to the vet."
    Tracy had been on her way to rescue two other cats at Duncombe Avenue which are thought to belong to the same owner as Alice.
    One cat was found hiding under a shed with three day-old kittens and the other is expected to be picked up at any time.
    The mother, named Eva, and her three kittens were said to be "doing very well".
    They are now in the care of a Cats Protection fosterer but will be needing new homes in the future.
    Tracy said: "At least we've been able to save the kittens because in this cold weather they would have died had they not been found."
    Fosterer Michelle Martin, added: "They are doing very well and they are pleased to be in a nice warm, cosy pen. We have named the mum, Eva. She has been a wonderful mum and she is really loving, always purring and a pleasure to look after."
    The charity is appealing for donations to help with vets bills from Alice's treatment before she was put down and towards the care of the kittens.
    Anyone wishing to do so can send donations to:
    Plymouth and South Hams Cats Protection, PO Box 216, Plymouth, PL6 6YF.
    For more information visit
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