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    Cat war - Owner spends £1,000 in legal fees to get her cat back

    NewsGeneral Cat NewsThursday 04 April 2013

    A pet owner has finally won her cat back in a long winded court fight seven years after it had vanished. 

    Brandy, the cat (not pictured), had gone missing seven years previous and teaching assistant Senka Besirevic, 42, spent £1,000 on a nine-month legal battle to win her back from a cat-loving couple nearby. 
    Brandy was taken in by kindly Karen and Carl Green, both 52, a mile away from her home after she went missing in the woods in Selly Oak, Birmingham in 2006. 
    Speaking to the Daily Mirror, Senka said: “It’s cost me money, but it was worth every penny.”
    Senka hunted in vain for her missing cat for months and put up a number of posters in the area. 
    And, last year she received a call from a vet telling her that Brandy had been brought in and a microchip listed her as the owner. 
    Senka said: “I was amazed, I had given up hope of finding her.”
    The couple had found the cat sleeping in their greenhouse and began feeding her, naming her Smelly. 
    Senka then made a call asking for her cat back and Karen refused saying that they had given the cat a good home. 
    Karen said: "I didn’t feel it was fair on her to be moved again, even if Senka was her rightful owner. We took legal advice.”
    Senka said: “It was a huge battle, I felt like I’d lost her a second time.”
    The case ended in January after Brandy did another runner and ended up at an RSPCA centre which returned her to Senka.
    Karen said: “Our solicitor said we didn’t have a leg to stand on.”
    Senka added: “I’m just happy to have her back. She’s still the same cat, although she doesn’t go out as much now.”
    Source: Mirror
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