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    Cat travels 17 miles beneath the bonnet of a car

    NewsWednesday 31 July 2013
    A lucky cat was discovered, alive, under the bonnet of a car in Forfar, after travelling 17 miles from Barnhill. 
    Harley, the cat, had crawled under the bonnet of the car after he fell from a window and was subsequently chased under the vehicle by a dog. 
    The driver of the car, who was rather startled to say the least, only discovered the moggy when he stopped at Kirkriggs Court in Forfar.
    The Scottish SPCA were then called out immediately and the officers then took the lost cat into their care at the centre in Petterden. 
    The black cat amazingly survived her journey without receiving any serious injuries and she was reunited with her owner Michelle Robertson yesterday (Tuesday 30th July).
    Her owner was so delighted that she donated £40 to the Scottish SPCA for taking such good care of her beloved pet. 
    The acting manager of the Scottish SPCA’s Petterden-based centre, Lesley Clark, told the Evening Telegraph: “We understand that Harley is a house cat who fell from a window and was then chased by a dog under a car.
    “It seems that Harley climbed up under the bonnet of the car and then travelled to Kirkriggs Court in Forfar where she was discovered by the driver who immediately called us for help.
    “Our Senior Inspector Mark Lumgair found Harley with her feet on the ground but her head trapped in the engine area of the car so it looks as though she had tried to climb down when the car stopped and became stuck.
    “Thankfully Mark managed to crawl under the car and gently remove her.
    “Amazingly Harley survived with only a minor injury to her claw and we were delighted to reunite her with family safe and well.”
    A public appeal was then issued by the Missing Cats in Scotland group, in a bid to attempt to find Harley’s owners. 
    This lucky cat is not the first to have travelled beneath the bonnet of a car. 
    Last year some mechanics in Kirkcaldy called the Scottish SPCA after they discovered a female tabby cat curled up in the engine of a car that had arrived to be repaired. 
    The owner of the car had driven 18 miles to the garage, without noticing the feline beneath the bonnet. 
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