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    Cat thrown from moving car, run over by second car, survives with minor injuries

    NewsFriday 23 August 2013
    An appeal for information has been made by the Scottish SPCA after a cat (not pictured) was thrown from a car in Aberdeen. 
    The act was labelled by the charity as “incredibly cruel” and they also said that some pedestrians witnessed the incident. 
    The animal was thrown from a red hatchback car that was travelling on Cairngorm Drive, Kincorth, on Tuesday Morning. 
    The female tabby was reported to have landed on the road, and she was then run over by another car. 
    However, miraculously, she managed to survive with only minor injuries. 
    Staff at the charity's Drumoak care centre have named her Delilah.
    Speaking to the BBC, animal rescue officer Karen Hogg said: "Understandably Delilah was absolutely petrified when I came to collect her.
    "I took her straight to the vet to be examined but amazingly she has survived her terrifying ordeal with only scuffing to the pads of her feet and a small scrape on her nose, although we'll continue to monitor her condition in our care.
    "Unfortunately they said the car travelling closely behind ran right over the top of her and she tumbled to the side of the road before darting away through gardens and settling on a window ledge.
    "Delilah has used up at least two of her nine lives in what appears to have been an incredibly cruel act."
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