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    Cat swung by tail in Ramsgate traumatised

    NewsAnimal CrueltyMonday 21 November 2011

    Three weeks after after the incident captured on CCTV in Kent have passed but the cat that was swung round by its tail is still traumatised.

    The shocking incident was recorded outside the Camden Arms pub in La Belle Alliance Square, Ramsgate, on the morning of 29 October. Mowgli, the 2-year-old cat, was not physically injured, but the footage clearly showed him being spun around by a man for more than 30 seconds. The owner of the cat is still shocked that someone could have made the cat suffer so much. The cat was held at arm's length, with his head narrowly missing parked cars.

    The long-term effect on Mowgli is uncertain, but it is clear he would have gone through an enormous amount of stress and fear during the attack, according to the BBC News.

    See the video news here.

    Text and image source: BBC NEWS


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