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    Cat survives one month stuck in roof

    NewsCat Curiosities Monday 19 September 2011

    7-year-old cat has definitely used one of his nine lives after surviving over a month trapped inside the roof of North Vancouver's Carson Graham Secondary School, Canada.

    The cat was rescued after a group of builders last week after a crew working on a new wing of the secondary school heard meowing coming from nearby structure. They were shocked when they discovered the cat stuck inside a drainage. The cat was unable to get out and the fire fighters had to be called to help. After they failed to get the kitten out of its trap, the workers tore off flashing until they exposed it. The cat was extremely thin and filthy but alive. The pet was taken to the veterinary hospital immediately where the staff have been looking after it.

    The cat has a tattoo in one ear, suggesting it had a proper home before it got trapped. Unfortunately, the number is only partially legible and the owners are asked to contact the centre for more information.

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    Text source: The province Canada; image source:

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