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    Cat survives five weeks alone in a container

    NewsGeneral Cat NewsThursday 04 July 2013
    A cat went missing from her home in May and miraculously survived after spending five weeks in a storage container. 
    The two-year-old cat, called Branwen, survived the ordeal without any food and was reported missing. 
    Then, last week, the black and white cat was spotted in the container, which was just yards from her home in Merthyr Tydfil, Wales. 
    She was reunited with her owners, Wayne and Lynne Price, and now she is perfectly fine. 
    After she had been missing for a number of weeks, Wayne and Lynne began to lose hope of ever seeing her again. 
    However, on Wednesday 26th June, Branwen was spotted in a container at Thomastown Park by council workers.
    Speaking to WalesOnline, Wayne, 58, said:  “The workers were in there moving things around and they saw this pair of eyes staring at them.
    “They tried approaching her but she was awfully scared – she’s very cautious of people.
    “The workers called my wife because they knew we had a missing cat and when she went down there, Branwen came running out straight away.
    “She was amazingly thin and really dehydrated.”
    Lynne was equally overjoyed at having her cat back at home. While she is underweight, Branwen is being kept on a restricted diet. 
    Wayne added: “When my wife got there she was ecstatic. She was hugging all the boys who work at the park –  I think she embarrassed them a bit.
    “I was over the moon too and couldn’t believe it. We are very lucky to find her alive.
    “We know she’s been  in there for the full time because of the condition she was in and the fact  she gets very scared.
    “She’s so scared of people that I can imagine her just hiding in the corner the whole time.
    “We think that because it’s a metal container there may have been condensation which she was using for water. But she had no food at all.”
    Branwen is now doing well and is expected to make a full recovery.
    Source: WalesOnline
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